Friday, August 30, 2013

Forgiven Playlist

Here is the playlist I used when writing Forgiven. Now if you haven't read it yet there are spoilers so one-click away first!

Forgiven Playlist
AWOLNATION  - All I Need – Caleb sitting in the car after he walks away from Angie in class.
The Spill Canvas – The Bone – Caleb’s stressed workout song
Christina Aguilera – Fighter – Angie convinces Caleb to work with her
Metric – Breathing Underwater – Angie in the car on her way back to the apartment after meeting with Caleb
Beyoncé РCountdown РCaleb switches with Josh to dance with Angie without her knowing
Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me – Caleb dances with Angie after kissing her
Sara Bareilles – Love Song – Emily tries to convince Angie to go for Caleb
Simple Plan – Save You – Angie in the car after her fight with Emily
Barenaked Ladies – You Run Away – Caleb tells Angie he wants to forget about what happened at the party
Maroon 5 – Love Somebody – Caleb’s conversation with Josh about his feelings for Angie
Colbie Caillat – I Do – Angie admits her feelings for Caleb to Emily
Metric – Gold Guns Girls – The girls plot outfits to get to Caleb
Of Monsters and Men – Love, Love, Love - Angie meets Caleb at the Library dressed to kill
Lumineers – Stubborn Love – Caleb in the car after making plans to meet at Angie’s apartment
The Spill Canvas – Crash Course – Caleb thinks about meeting Angie at her apartment
The Spill Canvas – Lullaby – Caleb kisses Angie when they are supposed to working
The Fray – Heartless – Caleb walks out on Angie
Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger – The girls enjoying drinks at the bar
Shakira – She Wolf – Nick asks Angie to dance
Mumford and Sons – Broken Crown – Caleb sees the hurt in Angie’s eyes at the bar
Muse – Maddness – Josh convinces Caleb to go for Angie and that he deserves to be happy.
The Postal Service – A Tattered Line of String – Caleb explains his feelings to Angie
Christina Perri – Arms – Caleb stays at Angie’s for the first time
Dashboard Confessional – Stolen – Music while making dinner
Ed Sheeran- Sunburn – Dance in Kitchen after dinner
Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks – In the car on the way to her Dad’s
Simple Plan – Welcome to My Life – Angie listens to while packing her stuff at her dad’s house
Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars – Safe and Sound – Angie explains about her Dad to Caleb
Carrie Underwood – Starts with Goodbye – Angie comes to terms with the changes in her life.
Rob Thomas – Little Wonders – The first time Caleb makes love to Angie
Ed Sheeran – This - Caleb and Angie’s time as a happy couple.
American Authors – Believe – Caleb begins to believe in love again.
J. Lo – Papi – Party at the frat house.
fun. – Carry On – Dinner with Caleb’s parents.
One Republic – Feel Again – Angie gets her tattoo
Bruno Mars – It Will Rain – Caleb breaks up with Angie
Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man – Caleb sees Angie with Nick
Deathcab for Cutie - I Will Follow You Into the Dark – Angie is stabbed by Bryan and loses consciousness.
Shinedown – Simple Man Acoustic – Caleb talks to mom about Angie.
Mumford and Sons – Ghosts that We Knew – Caleb explained what happened two years ago
Lily Allen – The Fear – Angie has to face her Dad in court
The Shins – Simple Song – Life together after Caleb.
Chris Brown – Forever – Dancing at Angie’s birthday party
Enrique Iglesias – Hero – Caleb proposes to Angie

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